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Waring & Gillow Sideboard (1930s)

Waring & Gillow Sideboard (1930s)

This stunning piece was made by the renowned Waring & Gillow Ltd dating back to the 1930s and with its original manufacture stamp.


Made from Mahogany, it has been restored as a fully functional sideboard, the warm salted caramel hue fitting easily into most colour schemes. The inside remains untouched, with its deep coffee coloured wood fully cleaned, deodorised and moisturised.


The piece has two separate cupboards and two separate drawers for storage, both of which glide open easily.


This is a stunningly original, incredibly well made antique piece that would look amazing in your home.


Product details:

Height - 36”

Width - 54”

Depth - 20”

  • Care Instructions

    This piece has been sealed with a clear wax to help it remain chip free. Please wipe down with a damp cloth only when cleaning. Do not use bleach.

  • Imperfections

    There are some small imperfections adding to the charm of this piece on the surface top located at the very back, as pictured. 

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